Reviews And Assessments


Reviews And Assessments

PGH Group Project Reviews and Assessment provides recommendations for leveraging your project’s strong points, while addressing its weaknesses. Our project assessments help you avoid classic mistakes, apply fundamental development practices, identify and manage risks, and determine the practices that will provide the most leverage on your specific project.

Assessments are performed on site or remote based on client’s choice.

Our Assessment cycle consists of the following activities:

Reviews: PGH Group reviews Design, Configuration,Source code, Database, Maintenance routines and other project artifacts. PGH Group then analyzes common threads in this information to create a set of preliminary focus issues for use during on-site interviews.

Interviews: PGH Group conducts on-site interviews with selected personnel to understand the current pain points and investigate the Known issues.

Assessment Reports: The Assessment and Recommendations report restates your improvement goals, provides observations on the current strengths and weaknesses of the project, identifies high-leverage recommendations, and includes a roadmap to help you achieve your goals as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

* Depending on the nature of the issues you face, PGH Group can provide solutions in as little as one day by our senior consultants.