Today PGH Group have successfully implemented many SAP BPC/BI engagements for a wide range of public and private sector clients. With an effective service model, PGH Group offers clients a multi-pronged approach to SAP services. Through this service model, PGH Group has established best practices and delivers to customers a level of reach and flexibility within SAP services never seen before.

PGH Group has helped many clients, both large and small, implement and support SAP BPC and BI technologies. We are focused on providing SAP services and are one of the leading partners to many large clients in United States. Some of the world’s largest corporations, as well as fast growing small business enterprises, use PGH Group to help solve business problems through innovative and cost-effective SAP initiatives.

Our experience gives us the knowledge to identify and address business process issues in a way that suits your specific needs and budget. PGH Group delivers SAP expertise under two different models, allowing our clients to obtain top quality services to fit their exact needs. Our delivery groups work together to achieve a synergy that ultimately provides maximum benefit and value to your organization. Our Onsite and blended Models in BPC and BI Implementations reach a high level of customer satisfaction and success that was never achieved with any other solution provider.

PGH Group SAP BPC and BI implementation methodologies, services and tools forged from many years of success with the complex SAP implementations keep your SAP implementation on schedule and within budget:

PGH Group works with the client to ensure the project is always on track and communicates the customer openly of any risks involved in the critical path.